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    his is not a travel blog. I apologize if you’ve been deceived.


I mean, hypothetically, we could talk about travel – I’m not ruling that out. But we could also talk about trees, taxidermy or grandfather clocks, West Virginia, Good Friday, bees losing their wings. So you see why it can’t be called a travel blog.


Annie Dillard said, “You were made and set here to give voice to this, your own astonishment.” I am astonished by many things. Most especially, I am astonished by God. You could call this a spiritual blog, but as my high school principal once stood in front of my class and said: “everything is spiritual.” That’s life. Small, big, ordinary, astonishing. Here we are amidst it all, unarrived, still traveling.

I'm certainly glad you're here,

Mary Renee Jackson


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